On the workbench: d&d miniatures and terminators

So here’s my “to paint” box this week. Clockwise from bottom:

  • Bottom-Right: a LoTR Faramir model plus 5 reaper/warlord miniatures for D&D
  • Bottom-Centre: OOP Terminator chaplain, with new arms and bits-bashed crozius
  • Bottom-Left: Terminators
  • Top: Valhallans, miscellaneous
  • Right: Bits-bashed Trojan

Also included are some battlefield bits (barrels, crates) which I got, coz I’ve always liked those models and figured I’d splurge on them (they’ll be used for Inquisitor-28mm mainly).

I’ll show the D&D miniatures and the terminators this week, and I’ll get some closer photos of the valhallans and the trojan for later on.

Here are the D&D miniatures – from left to right:

  • Shadarn Dark Elf (Reaper P-65)
  • Paladin Initiate (Reaper P-65)
  • Olivia Cleric (Reaper P-65)
  • Faramir (GW LoTR)
  • Jolie Scribe (Reaper P-65)
  • Mercenary Cleric of Ishnar (Reaper Warlord)

I mostly bought them to fill in some gaps in my miniature collection for my current D&D campaign.

Here’s the OOP Space Marine chaplain I’ve converted (well, bits-bashed really). Space wolf terminator storm bolter arm, handless left arm (usually used for storm shields), badly-cut chaos space marine hand, and an old banner pole eagle top plus brass rod for his crozius. I’ve got to fix that hand with some grey stuff before I undercoat him, but knowing me I’ll probably end up giving him another purity seal to hide the mistake.

The chaplain goes with these guys: here are 15 tactical terminators, with three assault cannons. I’ve already got 20 painted up (they’ll be in a future post), so guess what I’m currently working on?

If you guessed “a full 1st company of terminators” you’d be right! Here’s another 10, who have a cyclone missile launcher and are waiting on an assault cannon (that’s the guy in the tub).

And here’s yet another 10, who are all old-school terminators and are waiting for two cyclone missile launchers (again, the guys in tubs). I got some old-school terminators so the ones I’ve already got don’t feel too lonely and have some company amongst all the present day kits.

And here are some of the others, currently in pieces. On the left is a squad of 10 with no arms at the moment, and spare tilt shields, heads, torsos, and some leftover Assault on Black Reach bodies (which I mix in with the normal multi-part kits). On the right is an assault terminator squad – I’ll have two of these, each with 5 thunder hammer/storm shields and 5 lightning claws. Plus, spare shoulder pads and arms as well.

I’m waiting for the remainder of the terminators to arrive in the post: two tactial terminator squads, which will give me all the heavy weapons I need, and another 10 more bodies for the last squad. With luck, I’ll have enough arms and shoulder pads for them all!

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