Dystopian Wars: Magnetised Turrets for Kingdom of Britannia

Set Sail!

A short mid-week post on magnetising turrets for Dystopian Wars – I’m showing it here on a Kingdom of Britannia Battleship but it’s equally applicable to any other ship (or land model) with separate turrets too. It’s fairly simple, so here goes:

Oh noes, my turrets and shields fell off!

I used 2mm x 1mm disc magnets, which happen to nearly exactly fit into the peg holes on the KoB Battleship and Cruisers (my friend had a few problems with the Prussian ships, but it’s solvable either by drilling the holes out slightly or using a toothpick and a bit of force to push the magnets into the holes).

As for the turrets, I trimmed off the pegs leaving about 0.5mm left (so I knew where the centre of the turret was) and glue the magnets on. If you leave a bit too much then your turrets just stick up slightly, which doesn’t look out of place anyway, so don’t worry about it too much. Getting the magnet level and not using too much glue is much more important, as otherwise your turret might sit on an angle which does look weird.

Top Down

Here’s a top-down picture so you can just see the magnets inside the turret peg holes. Make sure you get the polarity right, otherwise some of your turrets won’t fit in some of the holes. I did one and then based every other turret off that, so all of my turrets and generators fit in any hole. My friend had a few problems so some of his turrets are location specific – but since you can just leave them attached in storage (the magnets are easily strong enough to hold the turrets on), he doesn’t need to change it very often so it’s not a big issue.

And that’s it – a bit of work and a few glued-together fingers and then you can swap turrets for generators and back again as much as you want, and not have to worry about them falling out during a game!

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