On the Workbench: Terminators, Tanks, and Valhallans

Lots of miniatures!

Here’s another workbench post, quite a bit after the last one. I’ve done a lot of modelling and painting in the last month, as you can see by the many miniatures awaiting varnish coats or newly assembled models awaiting undercoats in the photo above.

From front to back:

Some stuff that’s finished and waiting for varnishing:


Some valhallan autocannons…


Some terminators…

Another 15!

… some more terminators…


… and finally some more valhallan heavy weapons along with two of the 5 chimeras from ages ago.

Some stuff that’s currently in progress:

Getting there...

20 terminators (10 assault, 10 tactical), the last three chimeras, and a few more Valhallan stragglers.

Some stuff that’s assembled and awaiting undercoating:

Lines and lines of guys

The last 30 terminators for my full 1st company, another converted obliterator, and some Dystopian Wars Empire of the Blazing Sun Frigates


And the last three leman russ tanks for my full armoured company.

And Finally:

Dystopian Wars!

My Kingdom of Britannia fleet for Dystopian Wars has started to arrive as well (I’m waiting on the remaining scout flyers, destroyers, and submarines), and I’ve magnetised and put together everything I’ve got so far, so I can have a trial game with them tomorrow night.


Lots to do, but I’m having fun – lots of projects to work on, and there’s lots of variety to swap between so I don’t get bored.

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