About RPGs I’m Playing (and Sisters of Battle Rhino Photos)


Unforunately, I seem to have misplaced my camera this week, therefore I don’t have any new photos. So, you’re going to get some photos of a Sisters of Battle Rhino I’ve had finished for ages (which is waiting for some sisters to go with it), while I talk about all the RPGs I’ve been up to. I’m planning on doing more in-depth posts on the RPGs for a while but I’ve never gotten to it because I want to take photos of some of the miniatures and D&D tile boards I’ve bought and made and so on to go with them, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

When I find my camera there will be new photos – I’ve finally started painting up all the chimeras, I’ve assembled (and magnetised) the leman russes, and I’ve assembled all the terminators – so now I just have lots of painting to do! Well, up until my Dystopian Wars Britannian fleet arrives in the post…

Anyway, on to random RPG rant time…


So I’ve just started GMing a Dark Heresy game, which has proved interesting. I used the Shattered Hope free demo adventure so we could all learn the rules and get a feel for the system – it seems to be a hit, although my group much prefers the RP investigation side rather than just railroad combat which the adventure seems to concentrate on. That’s a good thing in my view, although it does mean a bit more work for me in setting up the campaign…

Combat in DH is very very brutal and quite quick – as soon as your wounds are gone you’re losing body parts or your life in an instant. Good and bad, it’s just a different game style to many other RPGs (such as D&D).

Investigation wise, there are a shedload of relevant skills, through interacting with various groups, scrutiny, interrogation, charm, etc – lots of options for players to use and be good at, so I’m hoping it translates to a good mechanism to base RP around, rather than say D&D where there’s only really diplomacy and intimidate.

Dark Heresy looks like a hit so far, so hopefully it’ll be as successful as my D&D campaign!

On the road again...

The Exalted campaign I’m playing in is still ongoing – we’re finished with Avalon (the mysterious island) and we’re moving on in our next session next Friday. The system works well and I don’t really have any issues except with training times for character improvement – although ‘realistic’, it does seem to bog game time down a bit as you have to spend time between going off and doing stuff to train your skills, and learning new stuff that isn’t one of your specialities isn’t quick (taking weeks at the very least). It does mean that characters tend to specialise, but it’s really annoying when you just want to get on with it.

You can find the wikis for the Dark Heresy or Exalted campaigns here:

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