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So, after a while of Dystopian Wars, back to Warhammer! Here’s my Imperial Guard Thunderer conversion which I built and painted ages ago – I had a really old Space Marine vindicator kit from Forgeworld in my bits box for ages, and since (at that point) I no longer played Space Marines I decided I might as well do something with it and build a Thunderer conversion.

Profile Shot

The hull is all Imperial Guard Leman Russ, with the top plate lifted slightly and the gaps filled with plasticard. The front panel and dozer blade are from the Vindicator kit – you could do the same with the current plastic vindicator kit as well.


I simply glued a spare IG cupola hatch to the turret ring where the turret would normally go.

Locked and Loaded

There’s a bit of storage on the tank, but not nearly as much as the Trojan – I prefer my tanks to be relatively clean and uncluttered most of the time.

The Last Thing You'll See

Here’s the front view – the dozer blade is held on by a modified normal Leman Russ dozer blade support (since the Vindicator ones fit on the side of the Rhino chassis, which is narrower than the Russ). I added a brass etch imperial eagle from Forgeworld to add some interest to the otherwise flat dozer blade (and also to hide a hole which I accidentally drilled right through the dozer blade to pin it to the tank).

Solid as a rock

The paint scheme is the same as for all my other valhallan tanks – shadow grey base, details done in various colours and metalics, and black wash all over. Nice and simple!


Finally, with my penchant for magnetising things, the pintle heavy bolter is magnetised (the hull magnet is hidden inside the tank) so that it can be fielded as a thunderer according to the forgeworld rules or as a counts-as demolisher (swapping the hull heavy bolter and turret demolisher cannon locations).

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