Dystopian Wars: Covenant of Antarctica Finished!

Fleet is done!

So here is my “finished” Covenant of Antarctica fleet for Dystopian Wars – finished until the remaining and and new naval/air models are released at least (such as the naval version of the Callimachus Orb, the sky fortress and large flyer, corvettes, and gunships…).

Anyway, I’ll talk about some selected pictures, and the rest will be in the gallery. All these models are great fun to paint because of the little details – drybrushing and washing work so effectively on these! I’ll post up a step-by-step later once I finish my third Icarus flyer (which I bought off Winter, because the pack comes with two and they come in squadrons of three, so he had one spare after buying two packs of them). I guess I’m not technically finished with them just yet after all…

Small Ships and Tiny Flyer Comparison

Here are the small ships – from top left clockwise:

  • Plutarch Destroyer
  • Galen Escort
  • Tiny flyer token
  • Diogenes Frigate

The Plutarch is actually pretty big for a small model, it’s nearly the size of the cruiser, as can be seen below:

Medium Ships Comparison (and Small Destroyer)

From top, clockwise again:

  • Icarus Medium Flyer
  • Ptolemy Bomber
  • Plutarch Destroyer (a “small” model)
  • Plato Cruiser

The turret on the Plutarch is slightly bigger than the main turrets of the cruisers, medium flyers, and the battleship as well!

Large Ship Size Comparison (to Cruiser)

Here are the big ships (plus the cruiser again) – back to front:

  • Prometheus Dreadnought
  • Aristotle Battleship
  • Plato Cruiser (again)

The Prometheus is gigantic – here’s a better indication of size because the perspective of the side shot is slightly off:

Large Ship Size Comparison (to Cruiser)

It’s only marginally longer than the battleship, but it’s MUCH bulkier. Also, it has bigger turrets!

Painting each ball-turret on the large ships is a bit of a pain, mainly because they’re so many of them…

Pericles Fleet Carrier

Finally here’s the massive Pericles Fleet Carrier. It was a bit of a pain to paint, since you have to paint the inside bit between the drone launching racks before you glue them on, otherwise it’s impossible to get to with a paintbrush. It’s a unique model though, very different to all the other carriers, since it doesn’t have to have the large runway decks.

Closeups of individual ship types and more of the top-down size comparisons are in the gallery below:

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