Valhallans: Army #1

So here’s the first (and oldest) of my armies – a mixed infantry/tank force of Valhallans. These were started years ago when I restarted Warhammer, back before the days of plastic imperial guard. Out of all the metal regiments (Valhallans, Cadians, Catachans, Tallarans) the greatcoats were my favourite.

This army has stayed close to the same over the years (autocannons, lascannons, and grenade launchers always being my favourite weapons), but 5th ed brought the addition of advisors and melta-veterans which I couldn’t resist. The hydra from forgeworld I originally bought because I loved the model, and since 5th ed added the rules for them I had to include it.

The army above is 1750 points – I don’t usually play at that points level, for 1500 I drop an infantry squad, the hellhound, and some other upgrades.

The paint scheme is simple and quick :

  • Coats: shadow grey
  • Bedding and Trim: fortress grey (veterans get white trim and coat edging)
  • Pouches and Straps: bestial brown
  • Guns: chaos black and boltgun metal
  • Skin: elf flesh

Then a thick badab black wash over the entire figure to provide shading, and drybrushed codex grey sand-textured base with patches of green flock.

It’s not the most detailed of schemes, but it stands up well to the “3 feet rule” – it looks great on the table, even if individual models aren’t that crash hot (wash covers a multitude of sins).

The scheme is the same for the tanks, although I wouldn’t recommend it – it eats up wash like no tomorrow. I like the sort-of clean look it gives the tanks, with the wash providing just enough depth and “dirtiness” for me.

Only the two advisors are different – the fleet officer in dark blue with white trim and shoulderpads, and the master of ordnance in grey. The fleet officer is from the cadian command squad, the master of ordnance is the baneblade crew figure with a cadian vox.

As for the bear cavalry? They count as rough riders in this army, although they’ve also been used as ogryns for apocalypse (with great success, tarpitting khorne berserkers for two turns then returning as replacements to contest an objective against chaos terminators!).

Here’s a gallery of some closer pics:

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