Drop Pods Done!


So I’ve finally finished the two drop pods which I have been painting for ages.

Black, roughly-done codex grey edge highlighting, bronze eagles on the outside…

Where are the troops?

Silver bits on the inside, red stormbolters, and yellow edge trim to add a bit of colour.

These are for my Deathwatch army – which are actually done now, I just haven’t taken any pictures of them. I’ll get around to posting them eventually (along with the rest of my finished armies) in a week when I haven’t done any new modelling.

Three in total

So, the two new ones join the one I’ve had for ages. You’ll note that I haven’t painted the internal detail (except for painting the harnesses silver) – I’m a) slack and b) don’t think anyone really looks that closely at drop pods anyway. Same reasoning for the rather badly-done edge highlighting – the overall look is what’s important to me, rather than every model looking great as an individual.

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