Mini-update: Mechanicus Chaos Lord

I have servo arms!

Since I posted my new Mechanicus Chaos Lord conversions on the weekend, I figured I’d post his old incarnation (pre-mechadendrite) for everyone to see.

Lots of Servo-Arms!

So, from the bottom: his legs are Micro Art Studio Crusader Legs – these are quite a bit taller than normal terminator legs, which makes the Mechanicus Terminators tower over their normal counterparts.

His boltgun is from the Space Marine vehicle kit (it’s the right side of a stormbolter), along with the drum mag from an ork shoota. His combi-plasma is just a plasma pistol, attached to the side of a servitor claw.

Torso is a normal Space Marine Terminator torso, and his head is the forgeworld space marine commander conversion kit one (which has a nice bionic eye).

Backpack of Doom ™

His backpack is from a Space Marine Techmarine. His servo arms are a cobbled-together collection from techmarines and servitors.

More claw

Painting wise, he’s pretty simple like most of my other work – boltgun metal for all the metal bits, mechadendrite red for any red bits, skull white, chaos black, elf flesh for the face and ice blue for the plasma coils (and the backpack thingy). The whole model gets a wash of devlan mud, and the plasma coils get a second wash of asurmen blue to make them pop again.

The edging around the bottom of his robe and the edge of his left shoulderpad is fairly straightforward – paint the line in white, paint the teeth from the line outwards quite far, then square them off with red and bring them back to the length you want.

His base is just drybrushed codex grey over black. After these pictures were taken I did stick some patches of green flock on it as well.


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