On the workbench: Still the same stuff, plus Mechanicus Chaos Lords and Exalted character



So the workbench is as crowded as ever, since I haven’t gotten much painting done in the last month or so, but managed to put together all five chimeras from over a month ago.

I have managed to do three character conversions this weekend though, so at least that’s something! Now to paint them…

Lots of Mechadendrites

Here’s my new power armoured Chaos Lord (for my Adeptus Mechanicus army, which I still have posted sorry!), using the power cables and base from Dragon Forge Gaming which I reviewed a while back. Dark Angels robed space marine body (I kept the wings on his chest because they’re kinda cog-like), techmarine backpack, and numerous servo-arm claws complete him.

He has a mark of Tzeentch and a daemon weapon, which gives him a D6 shot shooting attack – hence the tri-barrelled gun wired into his backpack.

More Mechadendrites!

This is his terminator-armoured version – even more mechadendrites as well as a beefed up gun (since terminator armour comes with a twin-linked bolter).

Some of the parts from both models are painted – that’s because I originally only had a terminator-armoured version of the lord, who had the techmarine backpack with lots of servo arms (representing his daemon weapon). Now that I’ve rewritten the list I need both versions (one for 1500pts and one for 1750pts), and I wanted to re-do him with mechadendrites so it’s clear it’s a daemon weapon and not a bunch of powerfists.

Tanim, Exalted of the Unconquered Sun

Here’s the last character – my model for our upcoming Exalted campaign (of which we have a wiki for already). Tanim, my character, is a sorceror-martial artist who likes flame pieces (uh, flame-throwing “firedust” (blackpowder replacement) pistols). The base model is Andre Durand from the Reaper Chronoscope range, with replacement hands from the Warhammer Fantasy Empire range (the empire wizard for the dagger, and the militia kit for the pistol), and his goggles shaved off and hair “resculpted” (read: roughly scored with a knife).


As for the chimeras I put together, there’s only really two conversions: one, replacing the flamer nozzle with the one from a sentinel (I’m not a particular fan of the old-school flamer nozzles).


Two, replacing the built-in lasguns with hatches to represent the 5 firepoints the chimera now has (that, and I don’t like the built-in lasgun look either).

Now for the paint…

Apart from those two changes, my chimeras are stock-standard.

Even more stuff to paint.

Lastly, I’ve glued together the Garden of Morr, so that’s yet another thing on the “to paint” list.

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  4. Hi,

    how did you made the mechadendrites ?
    the clamps are clear, but what are the arms made of ?

    – gpf –

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