Dragon Forge Design: Bases and Power Cables Review

My purchases from Dragon Forge Design

This Friday my order from Dragon Forge Design (http://www.dragonforge.com) arrived!

I ordered the following (from top to bottom in the image above):

I figured I’d give them a review since they’re very nice and affordable products, so here goes!


My purchases were very reasonably priced: $5 for the hero base set, $7 for each of the power cable sampler packs, and $10 for the lot of 10 25mm bases. Shipping was $5 since my order totalled to $29, so the lot above (although there’s a lot more power cables than the three I show) cost a total of $34. All those prices are in US dollars, but with the Australian dollar being what it is at the moment it’s about the same in AUD.

Shipping isn’t expensive – the full list of shipping rates can be found here and for international rates they top out at $12 for orders totalling $100-$200, and it’s free if you spend more than that.


Lots of detail!

First up, the Wasteland II Hero Base Set 1 (1x40mm and 1x25mm base). I ordered these to use the 25mm one for my new power-armoured mechanicus Chaos Space Marines Lord, since I’m replacing my terminator-armoured one (I’ll post that army up at some point). The 25mm hero base is quite tall – about 10mm – and contains lots of little details such as the corrugated iron and the spent shell casings. The height is nice as it’ll let your character stand out a bit amongst the rank-and-file.

Trench detail = awesome

The 40mm base is beautiful – the sandbags have a nice cross-hatch texture, and the “trench” and duck-boarding are nicely detailed. I’m not sure what I’ll use this base for, but my current thoughts are to do a mini-diorama with a Imperial Guard medic or something similar.

One great point is the absence of flash, unlike some other resin bases I’ve previously purchased. The 25mm one has a minimal amount (visible just on the right in the above image), but that’s it out of all 12 bases I purchased. The quality likewise is brilliant – no miscasts or bubbles at all.

Providing power

Here are the power cables I purchased. Each Power Cable Sampler Pack comes with 5 of each size – 1.15mm, 1.65mm, and 2.15mm in diameter (bottom to top in the above picture), so since I bought two packs I have 10 of each size. Cast out of pewter, they’re flexible, so I tried bending the smallest one:

Here's the small one in a loop

But you have to be careful – I didn’t really pay attention and just wrenched the above cable into a loop so you’ll see there’s a little crack forming. When I tried to bend it back:


It snapped! Of course, I wasn’t being gentle at all when I tried this – I just roughly bent it into shape and back again. If you’re careful, you can probably keep bending it back and forth for a while until it breaks.

Big one in a corner

Even the largest size is easily bendable – with a bit more care, I bent this one into a 90 degree corner without any issues. Because I was being careful, it also bent back without any problems.


Like so.

The bigger cables hold their shape well, but the smaller ones are a bit fragile – I’m planning on using these for mechadendrites on the aforementioned mechanicus lord, so I’ll probably be using the big ones just so they’re a bit more sturdy.


Finally, the Goth-Teck bases are brilliant, and fit into 40k perfectly – the mix of brick, metal plating, mesh, and cabling gives a nice feel for the 41st millenium yet the bases all clearly fit into the same theme. I’m not sure what I’m going to be using these for – I bought them because I wanted to get as close to the $30 limit for $5 shipping as possible – but I’m sure I’ll find something, they’re that nice!


Everything is great value. $1 for a standard 25mm base, $5 for a special (higher) 25mm AND 40mm base, or less than 50 cents per 3″ power cable, everything is reasonably priced for what you’re getting.


The quality is great. For a single-man operation, there aren’t any quality issues in the batch of products I received at all.

Overall: 5 stars!

These are great products, easily deserving 5 stars. Cost, value, quality are all brilliant, and I’d highly recommend Dragon Forge Design if you’re looking for resin bases for your army. The power cables are a great product, and he also has flight stands, brass chain, and clear plastic icicles, along with flexible ammo feeds and some miscellanous terrain bits.

One thing to note is that it does take a while for your order to be processed – since Jeff runs Dragon Forge Design by himself, it takes him about a week  to cast up orders and get them posted. However, the products are well worth the wait.

As a further note, Jeff is a great guy – I emailed him on Thursday asking him when he had posted my order, since it had been a month since I had placed it, and he replied very promptly, letting me know when he had posted my order. Then on Friday when I got my order, I sent him an email to apologise for bothering him, and he was fine with it.

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