Random Eldar


So a while back I posted some random warhammer pictures, which included some Eldar. So, here’s an actual post on them all – it’s not a complete army, just a collection of miniatures which I really liked.

Also, because I haven’t done any new modelling this week (apart from unbox the new Garden of Morr), so I have no new photos…

Can you tell it's inspired by FF8?

So here’s two more pictures of my Waithlord. Like everything else Eldar I own, I really like the model, and the wraithsword was too cool to resist converting into a FF8-esqe gunblade. The dual flamer/wraithsword/scatterlaser combo isn’t the most efficient waithlord loadout, but since I’ll probably never game with these guys it doesn’t particularly matter.

Not a sight normally seen by the enemy

The paint scheme is as follows:

  • Bone: Deneb Stone + Gyphonne Sepia wash + Devlan Mud for “flexible” bits
  • Purple: Hormagaunt Purple + Badab Black wash
  • Guns: Necron Abyss + drybrush Ice Blue + Asurmen Blue wash
  • Sword: as guns, plus overbrush of Ice Blue again
  • Gems: Dark Angels Green, Snot Green, Goblin Green, Scorpion Green

You can see some spots on the back of the legs where the wash hasn’t dried particularly evenly – I was speed painting him as I had him half finished for two years or so and finally just wanted to get him done. One problem with the wash method is it’s very hard to go back and fix a single spot – you have to repaint the whole panel, so I just left it. It’s on the back, people won’t notice… right?

Ghosts in their shells

Here are the (very expensive – $25 each!) Wraithguard. They’re done in the same scheme as the Wraithlord, just smaller.

Bob was blind without his spiritseer...

The loincloth/tabard/whatever is Iyanden Darksun (appropriately) over Macharius Solar Oange with a light Baal Red wash over the top.

... and so he wondered in the wrong direction.

The bases are plasticard over the regular GW bases, with circles and arcs cut into them (there’s one just behind Bob’s left foot). I also stuck minimal ammounts of gravel or sand on the bases, so they would fit in with the one supplied with the Wraithlord.

They’re painted in Calthan Brown, with a Leviathan Purple was, to give them an otherworldly feel, which reflects my vision of Waithbone.

Sam brought a sword to a gunfight...

Here’s the Spirtseer that was planned to run around with the Wraithguard. Same palette but with the colours mixed around a bit, but sticking with the purple helmet and overall beige-ness to fit in with the wraithbone Wraithguard. The shrine/icon on his base is from the Wraithlord sprue – I added it here because I thought the Wraithlord base had enough detail already.

Rob remembered his gun though.

Here’s the warlock which would go with a guardian squad (if I ever got around to buying one). The guardians would be orange with beige helments and purple faceplates, just like this guy.

He’s actually an old farseer model – I just cut off the helmet “horns” to make him a bit less imposing. That singing spear is a pain, because the old metals are quite bendable, so it’s pretty much laminated in superglue to try to keep it straight.

Farseer Fred with his spear

Here’s the farseer which made a brief appearance in the original post. This model is very very pretty – tons of detail to paint, tons of gems, and tons of layers. This is the guy which I first brought just because I wanted to paint him, and he’s probably one of my best-painted miniatures.

Most of the painting is the same style as the Waithguard and warlocks, just with more of it! A more yellow inner robe, a red outer robe lining, and heaps more gems makes him a bit different from the others.

Dramatic robe flare!

His spear is a high elf mage sword attached to his normal staff (which I cut the top off of). The orange outer robe here ties him in with the rest of the army (or, would if I had a rest of the army), along with his blue weapons.


Although I doubt it will happen now with the ridiculous price increases and my lack of interest in ever actually gaming with them, Eldar are still one of my desired armies – the models are clean and very nice to paint indeed.

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