Garden of Morr – Warhammer Terrain Unboxing Review

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So, Garden of Morr, the new Warhammer Fantasy terrain piece! Here’s my unboxing and review…

Note that all the remaining pictures – which are mine – are a bit lower quality than usual. I can’t find my usual camera, so I had to make do with my phone, so sorry for the poor quality.

All nice and still shrink-wrapped...

Ready to open. The price is AU$69 which is a little pricy (as is everything Games Workshop down here in Australia), but with 20%+ discounts from various retailers it’s okay.

It's still a box.

Simple picture showing it in all it’s glory on the back too. Let’s open it up and see if it lives up to the box art…

Ah, that fresh plastic smell!

Four sprues, lots of detail. The first thing is that, again, there’s quite a bit of empty space in the box as usual for Games Workshop products, which is bad because the sprues rattle around a lot inside the box.

Lots of plastic!

So here are the four sprues laid out – two building sprues (top), one base sprue (bottom left), and one wall sprue (bottom right).

Buildings (oh, and some fences too)

Here’s the building sprue (one of two – they’re exactly the same). There’s lots of nice details on the walls, and they look like they’ll paint up nicely. The spiked railing fences are nice too but they’re a bit fragile – the gate in particular is EXTREMELY fragile – one of mine was a bit bent and had a few bits broken.

Big and Flat.

Here are the bases – they’re all nicely detailed with graves and such. Another nice thing is that for all the bases except the statue (that’s the right-middle one) have locator bits for the buildings or gate which goes on top of them, as well as nice detail inside the building. So, you can leave the buildings off and use the mostly flat bases as decoration while you use the buildings elsewhere.


Here’s the wall (and gate) sprue – again the walls are nicely detailed. Also again, the spiked railing fences are very fragile – I almost lost a few spikes getting them off the sprue.

The one little curved section feels very out of place, but I guess that’s Empire architecture for you.

... which have two sides.

Here’s the other side of the walls, for reference.

The whole thing put together

Here’s the whole thing dry-fitted together – it’s actually very nice, although it’s not very practical for Warhammer Fantasy (even if you remove all the buildings, it’s made up of four seperate bases and a bunch of seperate walls) for anything except a “you can’t go into it” terrain piece.

From a different angle

Here’s the whole thing from a different angle. This layout is the one in the instruction manual, and looks pretty nice. Note that all the walls have wide enough bases that they’re pretty stable and stay upright by themselves.

Little things matter

Here are all the gravestones, gargoyles, and the gate – all the little things on the sprues. There aren’t many of them – most of the detail is already sculpted onto the main bits which may be a good or bad thing depending on your point of view.

The gates are very fragile – if you look closely you’ll see the right one is bent and broken. The skull motif on the gate is a nice touch though.

Size matters

Here’s a size shot against my 12″ rule – as you can see, it’s pretty big! Added to the fact that you can use all the bits seperately – including the fences, bases, and buildings – it’s a pretty nice kit.


I’d give it 4 stars – the price (like everything else GW in Australia) and the fragility of the spiked fence pieces are the only things holding me back from giving it a full 5 stars. It’s noticeably Warhammer Fantasy, but there isn’t enough overtly Fantasy elements that prevent the pieces from being used in Warhammer 40k (or indeed, inquisitor or other games too).

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