Imperial Guard Armoured Battlegroup



So here’s my finished Imperial Guard Armoured Battlegroup – 1850pts in 13 tanks (well, 12 tanks and a sentinel) and one infantry model.

I took this list to ACT masters last month, and did rather poorly (2nd last out of 14, with 3 major losses, 1 minor loss, and 1 draw), only coming out ahead of my friend who also brought an armoured battlegroup (and who also got joint best sport, so congrats to him!). However, being able to throw 12 tanks at people was fun 😀

Gallery of some more shots below.

They’ve been slightly updated since the weekend – I’ve done kill markings for monstrous creature and vehicle kills, and things which killed something that weren’t already named got a name (such as the sentinel, which is now named “Serpent Stomper”, after it kicked a wave serpent to death).

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