Deathwatch Updates

I’ve been updating some of my Deathwatch space marines so that they’re a bit more consistent – sternguard and veterans get nicer shoulder pads (the metal ones from Games Workshop), sternguard with their special issue ammo get the deathwatch boltguns with ammo selectors (also from that kit), normal marines get standard boltguns and plainer Inquisition shoulder pads, and veterans get forgeworld boltguns.

Thus, I’ve changed out Kantor’s bolter for a forgeworld one.

Dorn's Arrow goes pre-heresy

Dorn’s Arrow goes pre-heresy

Similarly, I’ve swapped out the Librarian’s bolt pistol for one from forgeworld as well.

Forgeworld Bolt Pistol

Forgeworld Bolt Pistol

Along with this, I’ve redone the apothecary I did ages ago for a Deathwatch RPG campaign, so that now his gun is magnetised and swappable for a bolt pistol (since apothecaries don’t get special ammo in 40k, if I ever actually use an apothecary in a command squad that is), and given him a nicer shoulder pad.

Shoulder Pad

Shoulder Pad (I went a bit overboard with the wash though…)

I also edge-highlighted his reductor arm in white, to make it pop a bit more (as it looked a bit too grey before).

Re-highlighted the reductor arm, to make it a bit more white

Re-highlighted the reductor arm, to make it a bit more white

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