Salamanders Movie Space Marines (and Vulkan)

Movie Space Marines advance!

Movie Space Marines advance!

As I promised last week, here are the painted photos of my Salamanders Movie Space Marines. I also did up a Vulkan conversion for them, although he’s a lot plainer and cleaner than the standard-sized Games Workshop model.

My view of the Salamanders chapter is that of pragmatic steadfastness, with individual members being largely self sufficient (hence being able to maintain their own wargear). They wouldn’t go over the top with extras – good-quality, working wargear would be the priority, with only a little ornamentation for more important members (or those with a bit more time on their hands).

I’ve always been a fan of clean-looking space marines too, rather than those with lots of “bling”, and I hadn’t painted much green (and still haven’t since then) so Salamanders were my choice of chapter.

More photos below (like last week, sorry for the smallish sizes – I should really do a re-shoot of these figures):

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