On the workbench: drop pods, valhallans, and more terminators

The workbench at the moment...

So, workbench update this week!

I’ve just assembled and undercoated two drop pods to finish my deathwatch space marines army, as a change from the terminators and valhallans.

You’ll notice that the valhallans are still hanging around on my painting table – the specials are about 50% done, but I’m taking them slowly so I can keep taking step-by-step photos for a later post.

More terminators!

In the “to undercoat” box, there are still more terminators – I’ve put together one of the two assault terminator squads I’m planning on, and the front one’s still not undercoated from the last workbench post. You might notice the drop pod hiding in the back there – that’s one of those which has subsequently been undercoated since I took the photo.


Finally, here’s the stack of tanks I still haven’t assembled – they’ve been opened and checked, but the only thing I’ve cut off the sprues so far are the heavy flamers for the chimeras (I convert them to use the newer more realistic flamer nozzles from sentinels rather than the old-school double cone ones).

Hrm, that’s only three pictures.


Bonus: Here’s the lone remaining model of my old space marines who isn’t in terminator armour. I used to have a space marine army (same chapter as the terminators) but I sold most of them as I never played games with them (I preferred my imperial guard). This guy I was particularly proud of painting years and years ago (look – rather big and clumsy edge highlighting!), and I really like the model, so I kept him.

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