Artscale Movie Space Marines

I did these ages ago, but I kept forgetting that I had pictures of them to post up. So, finally, here are my artscale Space Marines, which I modelled to use as Movie Space Marines (where one tactical squad in a rhino is 1500pts!).

Big Marines!

Big Marines!

Inspired by various other modellers, but most notably Lamenter and Apologist (with his Praetors of Calth, Imperial Fists, and Sons of Horus), I decided to give the Artscale/Truescale/Big Space Marine craze a go. These have long since been finished and painted as Salamanders, but here are the unpainted shots of my 10 “biggerised” space marines.

Along with the 10 marines, I built a bigger Rhino for them to ride around in – the ten marines (sergeant, flamer, missile launcher, “the dude”, and six normal marines) along with the Rhino are a 1500pt “army” using the movie space marine rules, which were printed in White Dwarf years and years ago.

Sorry for the small photo sizes – these were taken ages ago and resized for uploading onto photobucket, and I’ve long since lost the original pictures (and since they’ve been painted up, I don’t have any more in-progress shots).

I’ll put up the painted photos soon. Also, I’ve ordered a whole bunch of bits to do a few more squads of big space marines…

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