More buildings!

So I recently got a package with a lot of packing polystyrene foam – about three times as much foam as actual product I bought – and, with it being in reasonably good condition and in intact sheets, I decided to slap together a few more buildings in the same style as my previous ones. They’re not finished yet – I still have to do all of the balsa wood detailing (supports, doors, windows, and the balcony railings on one). I did get a little more ambitious than last time though, with a few taller builings and some areas for models to actually stand on this time.

More little boxes

More little boxes

This time around, I’ve tried to be a bit better and take more photos as I went… it kinda worked, but I forgot to take photos as I was doing the tiled roof. Oops.

Anyway, some in-progress shots and comments in the small gallery below:

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