Back with new Space Marines

So, after my unplanned two and a half month long hiatus – due firstly because I was finishing my thesis, and secondly because I haven’t had internet for the past week – I’m finally back. I’ll try to get some photos of recent stuff I’ve finished done and uploaded, but no guarantees (since ANUCON2013 is coming up in a week and a half).

And there are new Space Marines.

Space Marine Codex 2013

Spess Mahreens!!!!!!!! (from )

So, I’ve seen the new book, and although I’m slightly underwhelmed (yay… a couple of new toys to go with the new kits and a much-needed revamp of Chapter Tactics) I think it’s generally a good codex. More of my two cents follows…

My favourite thing about the new codex: you have to take the appropriate chapter tactic to take the special characters. Which means, you can’t put Lysander and Calgar in the same detachment anymore (although you can ally with different Chapter Tactic-ed space marines, to get the other special character).

My least favourite thing about the new codex: Centurions.


Okay, they’re shiny and new, but I think they look like pants.

Space Marine Centurions

Centurions… coz space marines got jealous of Tau Battlesuits, and so you can power armour while you power armour

Yay. Let’s make Terminators even more redundant, right guys? So we can sell a new $95AUD kit?

I do like the rest of the new models – the new anti-air tank (both variants) is kinda cool, and I like the new plastic sternguard, vanguard (even though their rules still suck), and tactical marines. The plastic characters are great too, although I’d still rather convert my own for uniqueness (and price, because I’m not paying $30 for a single-pose plastic model).

Space Marine Launch one-click bundle

All the new stuff

Of course, the new plastic chaplain is (currently, at least) only available in a $120 combined kit with a razorback and command squad. Hrm.

Anyway, after saying that “I wouldn’t buy anything new”… I went out and ordered some new stuff. So, my Deathwatch army will be expanding by another drop pod, some honour guard (since drop pods now carry only 10 marines, I needed some escorts for my characters), and converting that 5-man squad with two heavy bolters into a 10-man squad of devastators. Because I’m getting more figures, I need another figure case, which breaks yet another one of my previous promises to myself. And because I have a new figure case… I now have more space to buy other models.

Oh well, at least it lasted a good six months before I fell off the wagon.

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