Photos from Cometh the Red Angel (Istvann III Phase 1 Legendary Battle)

The Arrival of Angron

The Arrival of Angron

Over the past month and a bit my local gaming club (the ANU Wargaming Society) has been playing the Istavann III campaign. So far, the results are mixed: Phase 1 the Traitors won handily, and Phase 2 the Loyalists won with a bit of a struggle. We’re halfway through Phase 3, where the Loyalists are currently ahead.

Some of us have been playing the Legendary Battles from the campaign, and we’ve been taking photos. Here are photos from the Phase 1 Legendary Battle, Cometh the Red Angel, with Rudi’s Imperial Army (Imperial Guard) versus Tom’s World Eaters Legion.

It was a bloodbath, but the later pictures will tell you exactly who won…

(Many thanks to Rudi and Tom for both taking photos of their game and letting me post them on my blog!)

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