Blood Bowl Orcs: Da Mobstas

Da Mobstas

Here’s my bloodbowl team, orcs!

Although I can’t possibly fit all of them into a starting team, I just bought two boxes so I could get the full complement of 4 black orcs, 4 blitzers, and 2 throwers, just in case I ever needed them.

Line up!

Here are the first 5 linesmen – Grabba, Stikka, Puncha, Pusha, and Kikka (noticing a theme?)

They’re all painted using washes over a black undercoat and a drybrushed white basecoat.

Skin: Two coats of Thraka Green wash

Blue details: Two coats of Asurmen Blue wash

Bone: One coat of Gryphonne Sepia wash

Skulls: left drybrushed white

Straps and leather: One coat of Devlan Mud wash

Smacka, Smasha, Shova, Tackla, and Wacka

Once that was all done (and throughly dry), the metal bits were painted using Chainmail. Then, the whole model got a wash of Devlan Mud.

Hitta, Rippa, Crakka, and Brakka (who can't spell break).

The black orcs also got a extra layer of Badab Black wash for their skin to give them a slightly darker tone.

Blitzers: Sprinta, Runna, Stoppa, and Haltta

Bases are just a flat coat of Goblin Green – I’m planning on flocking these at some point though – to match with typical Blood Bowl fields.


My Blitzers tend to do more hitting than running, due to their block skill – hence why two of them are named “Stoppa” and “Haltta”, which don’t particularly imply speed…

Chukka and Tossa

Finally, here are the throwers, who although not as hitty as the rest of the team are essential. I usually only run one in a starting team, which causes mayhem when he goes down…


The balls got an extra coat of Devlan Mud wash to make them darker than the rest of the leather straps, so they stand out a bit.

These guys don’t get many outings – Blood Bowl seems to get played on a rotating basis with all the other specialist games – but they’ve done okay so far. Befitting an orc team, they tend to focus on hitting the other team until there isn’t enough of them left to stop them stomping up the field. This works against pansy elves and weak humans, but doesn’t seem to work so well against chaos and undead…

2 thoughts on “Blood Bowl Orcs: Da Mobstas

  1. I don’t know whether to think or curse you Luke. That is almost perfectly the shade of green I’ve been trying to achieve for me orks for years. Somewhat translucent and waxy and yet tough and green.

    Nice work mate.

  2. Thanks for the feedback/comment/envy? 😛

    The flash has buffed them up a bit – they’re not quite as shiny in real life. They’re actually fairly dull due to the matt varnish I use, but because of the white drybrush base coat and wash layers there’s lots of contrast between the “highlights” and the “shading”.

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