Battlefleet Gothic Chaos – is this the quickest project I’ve ever finished?

That was quick...

That was quick…

So, I suspect this is the quickest that I’ve ever managed to finish a project from purchasing it to having it all painted up and ready to play. My new Battlefleet Gothic Chaos fleet arrived just over two weeks ago, and in the space of two Sunday gaming nights at the ANU Wargaming Society I managed to assemble and then paint them up (I did undercoat them in the time between though).

So, with the fleet done, here’s some pictures:



Here’s the Desolator-class battleship, a long-range lance boat. I took this over the Desolator (which is a carrier) as my Imperial Navy fleet already does the attack craft/torpedo spam, and I wanted a fast survivable battleship for the flagship of this force which focuses more on plain old shooting.

I still don’t know why the model has six lance turrets on each side when in-game it only has four shots though…

Minor details

Minor details

The ships are all done up with a pretty basic drybrush paint-job – undercoat black, stippled mid-purple (I used the old Hormagaunt Purple foundation paint), then drybrushed with the (relatively) new Changling Pink GW drybrush paint (which actually works!) The drybrush paint is a little bit grainy so you can’t get “smooth” drybrush effects with it, however – it’s okay for this sort of all-over drybrush, but if you’re looking for more controlled and smooth transitions it probably won’t work well.

I was tossing up doing more or less detailing on these, and various club members have different opinions, but in the end I’m lazy and I think the all-pink look works (particularly once they’re on a black space tabletop). I did the gunbarrels and antennae in a bright silver, lights in bright orange, and some detailing on the battleship in gold and bone just to provide some spots of colour.

Slaughter-class Cruiser

Slaughter-class Cruiser

Here’s one of the cruisers – a slaughter-class, which is one of my favourites in the Chaos fleet (Cheap, fast, and lots of guns? Hell yes! Only downside is it’s only got 30cm range weapons, which means you have to get in close).

The cruisers don’t have any additional detailing right now – I was debating doing the banding at the front and back (okay, prow and stern if you’re being technical) in a different colour to provide some interest, but I suspect any other colour would start overpowering the pink.

The fleet again

The fleet again

Here’s the fleet photo again, this time so you can click on it to make it bigger. All up, the fleet above is 1500pts, and yeah I didn’t buy any escorts – Chaos cruisers seem to be fast enough and most of them have sufficient range that they can support each other, meaning that escorts aren’t essential (at least, I haven’t wished for them yet in the two games I’ve played with this fleet).

The Battlefleet Gothic rules can be downloaded for free on the game sworkshop website, and the technically unofficial but widely used 2010 FAQ on my website (pdf file) or on (someone else’s) google drive with all the other material released with the FAQ.

Fleet list:

Desolator (300) – long-range lance battleship

2x Devastations (190 each) – carriers with a couple of long-range lance broadsides

2x Carnages (180 each) – long range weapons batteries

2x Slaughters (165 each) – fast, short-ranged firepower and a few lances

Chaos Warmaster with extra re-roll (125) – the fleet’s admiral, he must be placed on the most expensive ship, provides it with +2Ld to a maximum of 9, and 2 fleet-wide re-rolls

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