Yet Another Project: Battlefleet Gothic Chaos

Even More BFG

Even More BFG

To add to my current projects, I’ve also bought a 1500pt Chaos fleet for Battlefleet Gothic. Oh, and a third battleship for my Imperials. I should really stop buying stuff, although with the exception of the new Napoleonic British project I’m still sticking to my “no buying stuff that doesn’t fit in my existing figure cases” rule.

Just because my existing figure cases just happen to still have a lot of space free…

So my current projects are:

  • Paint CSM Adeptus Mechanicus Cultists (14 infantry)), Terminator, and Warpsmith
  • Convert, assemble, and paint CSM AdMech Heldrake
  • Assemble and paint Napoleonic British (40 infantry)
  • Paint remaining Infinity models (4 infantry, 2 remotes)
  • Assemble and paint Chaos BFG fleet (6 cruisers, 1 battleship)
  • Assemble and paint Imperial BFG battleship and light cruiser

I guess I have a lot of work to do!

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