3x plastic trolls from “The Hobbit”, on 60mm bases
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Sorry about the post title, I couldn’t resist.

So, no post about my stuff this week, because this is just too good (bad?) to pass up for a post. GW’s releasing new and re-branded Lord of the Rings stuff as “The Hobbit” (to differentiate it from the “War of the Ring” game), including these three plastic trolls on 60mm bases.

Guess how much they are – price wise – in Australia. Those of you who already know will know what’s coming.


Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either.

$140 for three plastic trolls – that, IMO, don’t look that great either (I’m guessing that’s how they look in the movie though, so it’s not like they had very much choice).

It’s not just that box either, there’s other cringe-worthy prices including this “gem”:

Supposedly, a “Goblin Town”. No, seriously. Yes, that’s all that comes in the box, and it sets you back $95.
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