More Adeptus Mechanicus – this time BFG

Crusin’ along

Quick mid-week post (yeah, I’m trying to get back into the rhythm, don’t know how long it’s going to last…) – here are some AdMech Battlefleet Gothic cruisers.

I really like these models, although I did swap the ventral fin and the bridge sections at the back with each other (so now they have dorsal fins and ventral bridges) after comments from my friends, since the dinky bridge sections are a bit too dinky and small.

Tyrant and Gothic cruisers, Mars battlecruiser

I’ve used the actual AdMech rules for them precisely once, where they whalloped an opposing Imperial fleet without any issues (AdMech bonuses are ridiculous for only +30 points per cruiser, or about +15% overall points cost), so if I ever use them again they’ll just be standard Imperial cruisers instead.

Still, I like the models, and that’s generally the main reason why I collect miniatures – the games are a nice bonus but they’re not the main reason I enjoy the hobby.

I’ll update again on the weekend!

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