Adeptus Mechanicus CSM


Bigger gallery upload today – I actually managed to take a few photos of some of my recently completed miniatures, but I found these photos that I still hadn’t uploaded yet. Here is my 5th ed Adeptus Mechanicus (using the Chaos Space Marines codex) – I figured I’d post these before I get stuck into my revamp of these guys to update them to the new 6th ed CSM codex.

Some of these miniatures will be changing for the 6th ed codex – most notably the lesser-deamon zombie servitors will be getting firearms to make them cultists, and as I won’t be running a terminator lord anymore he’ll be changed into a normal terminator (so that the heavy flamer is a legal choice, since you need a squad of 5 terminators for it now).

My favourite miniatures in this army tho are by far the obliterators:

Obliterators – festooned with guns!

Click the link for the full gallery:

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