I’m not dead – ANUCON trophies!

Some assembly may be required.

Pile of MDF

Pile of MDF

So I’m not dead yet – sorry I haven’t posted anything since… wow, January. I’ve since joined the full-time workforce and have suddenly found myself without much time or inclination to do painting or modelling.

Here’s what I’ve actually painted in the last six months, ranging from the historial:

More british napoleonics... still lots more to go.

More british napoleonics… still lots more to go.

To the sci-fi:

Four more infinity nomads

Four more infinity nomads

I keep wanting to buy new stuff, but since I’ve only finished twelve models since the last batch of stuff I bought I figured I’d better not.

And then this came out:

Operation Icestorm From www.infinitythegame.com

Operation Icestorm
From www.infinitythegame.com

And I couldn’t resist.

Pretty, pretty, models. From www.infinitythegame.com

Pretty, pretty, models.
From www.infinitythegame.com

At least it’s a preorder and won’t be actually released for another month or two – so I have some time to finish another two to four models, at this rate.


On the Workbench: Napoleonics and More Napoleonics (and some random stuff too)

Stuff I'm Painting Right Now: Infinity Nomads

Stuff I’m Painting Right Now: Infinity Nomads

Here’s what I’m working on right now: trying to madly finish the last couple of miniatures for my Infinity Nomads. Above are two zonds (Nomad Remotes) – the front one has its black and red areas finished, whereas I’ve just done base-and-shade on the back one.

Why am I trying to finish the Nomads rather than continuing on with more Napoleonics?

Corregidor Jurisdictional Command Starter Pack (from http://www.infinitythegame.com/infinity/en/2013/miniatures/jurisdictional-command-of-corregidor/ )

Yeah, these guys are coming out. I had a “shut up and take my money” moment as soon as I saw them (dammit!).

Stuff that’s in the pipeline:

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Much Belated Post: Progress!

So, I haven’t posted in over a month now – sorry about that, I’ve been doing some hobby stuff but a) I’ve been going through a series of rewrites and revisions for my PhD thesis and b) I haven’t been able to find any time while the weather’s been sunny enough to take decent photos (I use natural light, since I don’t have a propper lighting rig and my camera flash is atrocious).

Anyway, here’s the stuff I’ve completed over the past month:

I’ll post some workbench shots during this week so you can see what I’ve still got cooking (mostly, a whole bunch of Napoleonics). I’ll also get around to posting the last couple of galleries from the Istvann III Campaign as well…

Model Trees from Christmas Trees

From this...

From this…

So I’ve been making model trees out of an old plastic christmas tree for my gaming club (the ANU Wargaming Society), and I think they’ve turned out quite well!

To this

To this

Since the plastic christmas tree was so old, most of the branches have been flattened so they’re nearly 2D (the bristles point in only two directions on some of them!). To hide this problem, instead of doing individual trees I’d done clumps of 4-5 on 60mm round bases (MDF, which I spraypainted green). The individual clumps can be used as scatter terrain or – as shown in the photos here – on larger bases to indicate area terrain.

Trees for the Tree God!

Trees for the Tree God!

I think they do the trick, and look pretty good (bonus: they actually block LOS for true-line-of-sight games too!)

Recently Completed Things

Stuff's been done!

Stuff’s been done!

Sorry about missing my weekend post – my local club (the ANU Wargaming Society) ran a whole-day event on Sunday, which involved a lot of games and two BBQs. So, here’s a post about the things I’ve finished recently (although a lot of this stuff has been done for a while – it’s just only now that I’ve gotten around to giving them all a coat of matt varnish).

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Infinity: Nomads So Far

Happy over-commercialised holiday seasons to everyone!

Getting there, slowly…

For my Christmas post this year, here’s a gallery of all the Infinity models which I’ve completed. I still have a couple more to go, but I’m getting there!

I’ve unfortunately been sidetracked with revamping my Chaos Space Marines army though, so it’ll be a couple more months yet.

Gallery after the link:

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Terrain on a Battlefield

All laid out

Quick mid-week post to show my recently updated terrain actually being used (gasp!) at my local gaming club. Apologies for the less-than-ideal pictures, since these were taken using my phone camera.

Still not enough…

It’s still a little sparse for Infinity games – I have to build a lot more walls and other scatter terrain that can give people cover, rather than just blocking LOS altogether.

4 Infinity Models Done!

Three Alguacils and a Securitae walk into a bar…

I’ve finished all three Alguacils for my Nomads Infinity force, so that’s four models down (and lots more to go…).

Just noticed that the two new Alguacils (the ones on the right) don’t have their facing and LOS markers on the base done, I’ll have to fix that!

Considering how long it took me to paint these four, I’ll probably still be at this project this time next year.

I guess at least it means I won’t have to buy new stuff to paint anytime soon!