Infinity with Micro Art Studios Bases

Nomads Starter Box (scan of mine)

So with the recent start-up of Infinity at the ANU Wargaming Society, I’ve splurged a bit and bought a bunch of the models from Combat Company.

I’m starting up Nomads, the space-roaming anti-AI anti-macroeconomic-empire faction which lives on three gigantic spaceships. Mostly because a) I like their fluff b) I like most of their models and c) it was one of the factions no one else had picked yet.

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New GW Paints (again): Textures and Drybrush

Previously on Luke's Short Gaming Blog...

A couple of weeks ago right after the new GW paints came out I did a quick “review” of a few of them. I’ve since also tried out the drybrush paint on the textured bases I did, the results of which you can see here:


The Dry drybrush paints actually work very well – no need to waste lots of paint on a tissue or paper towel, dab your brush into the (very very thick paint), quick wipe to get rid of the excess (if you weren’t very careful with step 1), then off you go! I had a few false starts since I didn’t wipe and therefore got a bit too much paint on some bases in places, but overall the Dry paint looks like it does exactly what it should – be a great drybrush paint without much wastage at all.

I still haven’t tried the layer paints – I probably won’t have a chance to until I start my proper Infinity forces (where I’ll be actually spending time on each individual model and am going to give proper layering and highlighting and maybe even blending a go!), but the rest of the new GW paint line seems like a winner.

Apart from if you’re in the middle of a project and are annoyed that you can’t get that exact same colour now, of course. That always sucks.


Dry: Thumbs up from me!

Terrain Review: Amera Plastics Trenches and Temple Ruin

All lined up

First proper update in three weeks!

I’ve finished all the Amera Plastics stuff I bought at CANCON earlier this year. It’s simply painted (spray black, drybush/wetbrush browns and greys), but since it’s terrain I don’t feel the need to do a top-notch job on it. The plastic itself is very sturdy and solid even though it’s vacu-formed stuff, so I don’t anticipate any problems with it standing up to the rigours of gameplay.

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Review: More Dragonforge – Flying Stands and Big Bases

New stuff!

I’ve just received my latest order from Dragon Forge Design, who I’ve previously bought some small bases and excellent power cables from. This time, I’ve bought two large bases and the flying stand kits for my in-progress Inquisitorial dropship – why two? Well, up to $30 of stuff posts for $6, so I made an exactly $30 order, and also because I wasn’t sure whether I wanted a 6″ or a 12″ flying stand, and I wasn’t sure which base size would be best for the dropship.

As you can see above, I got a bonus in the package – an extra flight stand adapter thingy. Not sure what use it’ll be, but it’s always nice to get extras of anything!

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Dystopian Wars – Review (the game, my first battle, and starter fleets for CoA and EotBS)

All lined up and ready to go

I had my first game of Dystopian Wars last weekend (after ANUCON2011), with my Covenant of Antarctica versus my friend’s Empire of the Blazing Sun. I did take some photos of our deployment, but got so caught up in the game that I completely forgot to take any pictures during the game, oops!

Anyway, you get my thoughts about the game (and effectiveness of some of the ships in the CoA and EotBS starter boxes) interspersed with photos of our setup…

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Dystopian Wars – Covenant of Antarctica Battle Fleet Model Review

Sailing away...

So my Covenant of Antarctica Battle Fleet box arrived from Maelstrom Games on Friday! I first saw Dystopian Wars at our wargaming club, being played by a couple of my friends (one of which has a blog). The ship models looked cool, and the game looked interesting, so I splurged a bit and bought the Covenant of Antartica Battle Fleet – I liked the look of these guys and the Empire of the Rising Sun the most, but one of my friends already has EotRS so Antarctica it was!

Anyway, I haven’t actually played the game yet, so this is just a review of the CoA ships that come in their battle fleet box.

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Dragon Forge Design: Bases and Power Cables Review

My purchases from Dragon Forge Design

This Friday my order from Dragon Forge Design ( arrived!

I ordered the following (from top to bottom in the image above):

I figured I’d give them a review since they’re very nice and affordable products, so here goes!

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Garden of Morr – Warhammer Terrain Unboxing Review

This image from

So, Garden of Morr, the new Warhammer Fantasy terrain piece! Here’s my unboxing and review…

Note that all the remaining pictures – which are mine – are a bit lower quality than usual. I can’t find my usual camera, so I had to make do with my phone, so sorry for the poor quality.

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