Back with new Space Marines

So, after my unplanned two and a half month long hiatus – due firstly because I was finishing my thesis, and secondly because I haven’t had internet for the past week – I’m finally back. I’ll try to get some photos of recent stuff I’ve finished done and uploaded, but no guarantees (since ANUCON2013 is coming up in a week and a half).

And there are new Space Marines.

Space Marine Codex 2013

Spess Mahreens!!!!!!!! (from )

So, I’ve seen the new book, and although I’m slightly underwhelmed (yay… a couple of new toys to go with the new kits and a much-needed revamp of Chapter Tactics) I think it’s generally a good codex. More of my two cents follows…

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Perry Miniatures: BH18 British 95th Rifles command and BH30 British Light Infantry command advancing

BH18 British 95th Rifles command

BH18 British 95th Rifles command

BH30 British Light Infantry command advancing

BH30 British Light Infantry command advancing

A few more napoleonics made their way to me last week, with my order from Perry Miniatures arriving. I ordered two metal sets: BH18 British 95th Rifle command, for my rifle company, and BG30 British Light Infantry command advancing, to command the light company of my planned battalion.

I do belive that this will be the first *ever* picture taken of the BH30 British Light Infantry command advancing set from Perry Miniatures – I searched and searched prior to buying them to see if I could find one, but couldn’t. If I’m wrong, feel free to let me know!

So, here we go:

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Bombshell Miniatures: Bombshell Babes Kickstarter

Maelee the Mechanic

Maelee the Mechanic

I caved to the kickstarter temptation last year with the Bombshell Babes Kickstarter, run by Bombshell Miniatures. Their kickstarter (now complete) was to produce models and moulds for a range of female miniatures, and since good female miniatures are relatively hard to find and their concept art looked good I took the plunge.

Well, the miniatures arrived last week – there was a bit of a hiccup as the reinforcement packs I ordered weren’t in the package, but a quick message has them on their way – and I’m very impressed by both the quality of the sculpting and the quality of the miniatures!

They’ll be releasing these for regular orders soon – keep an eye on their website for updates.

I (once the reinforcements arrive) will have gotten 27 metal miniatures, a bunch of resin base inserts, smaller metal sidekick models (I’ll show them later), and a couple of sprues of weapons, all for $182.

Here’s what I’ve received so far:

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28mm Plastic Napoleonic British: Perry vs Victrix

Two Plastic Soldiers

Two Plastic Soldiers

Here’s my review and comparison of the 28mm plastic napoleonic British infantry, produced by Perry (the grey on the left) and Victrix (the yellowish on the right). There’s already a couple of comparisons around (such as here, here, and here) but I figured I’d post up my experience with a box of each anyway.

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Varnish for down under – Wattyl Interior Estapol

One is varnished, the other isn’t…

So I keep getting asked periodically at my gaming club about what varnish I use – mainly because I have lots of metal Valhallan models which don’t chip very much (or at all, really).

I use this stuff:

Wattyl Estapol Interior (Matt)

It’s Wattyl’s Matt Interior Estapol, ostensibly for wood surfaces but works fine on acrylic paints as well. Since it’s a matt varnish (it also comes in Gloss and Satin, but I haven’t used the Gloss so I don’t know what it’s like), you have to do at least two coats to get sufficient protection (a single coat gives you the finish, but doesn’t really stop the paint chipping off miniatures.

This prevents the paint from rubbing off from fingers or foam transports. You can still chip the paint off, but it requires quite a bit of effort – fingernails probably won’t manage it provided you did a decent undercoat.

Technically, people recommend that you do one gloss coat to protect the miniature, then a matt coat to provide the finish you want. I haven’t tried this myself, coz I’m too lazy, so I don’t know what the finish looks like.

This can was $18 or so from Magnet Mart (unfortunately, Bunnings stopped selling these a while back, because I think they stopped stocking Wattyl products).

Which one is varnished?

As for these two – who were the only remotely (no pun intended) similar miniatures I have where one is varnished and the other isn’t – the one on the left is not varnished, and the one on the right is. If you look closely, you can spot the shine from the wash and glaze layers on the left (unvarnished) one – for example, on its left foot (our right). The matt varnish dulls these down and removes the shine.

Right, now I can just point people to my blog when they ask about what varnish I use!

Review: Victoria Lamb Shoulder Boards and Laser Rifles

Guns and Shoulderpads

A quick review of some bits I recently bought that just arrived from Victoria Lamb, who’s a very talented sculptor/painter who lives down here in Oz (and has won a few golden demons, if my memory serves me correctly). The direct link to her webstore is here:

Although she produces some very nice conversion bits and kits for Imperial Guard (most temptingly the Victorian Guard…) I managed to limit myself to only buying some shoulder boards from her ($5 postage for $10 or less of stuff, $10 for $10.01 to $100, above that free – I stayed in the <$10 range). By some, I mean 6 lots – they’re only $1.50 each sprue!


Here’s a close up – nicely sculpted, I could probably have given it a go myself but honestly why bother when I can just buy them like this! I’m planning on using these on some commissars in various states of disrepair I’ve got on the way from Ebay – some of them are missing some arms, so I’ll need these to make them match.

I bought six of them to get to $9, to get the most value for money I could for the shipping (without splurging). However, Victoria kindly gave me these extras (I’m guessing because postage across Australia for a padded envelope doesn’t actually cost the full $5):

Laser rifles

$2 for the 4 of them, they’re very nicely detailed laser rifles. I have no idea what I’ll do with these, but I’m sure I’ll think of something!

Overall: 5/5

No further comments really, these are great products at very reasonable prices and with very fast service.

Terrain Review: Battlefield in a Box Summer Woods


Third post in three days!

To replace our somewhat aged and shedding trees which have stood us well for a few years at the ANU Wargaming Society, we splurged on these Battlefield in a Box Summer Woods from Gale Force 9 (link to their store) – pictured above are one large and one small, we got two of each giving us a lot of trees in total.

Half of what we got

Ready to go out of the box (you can flock the bases – we’re probably not going to bother since flock sheds horribly and sucks for club terrain), even one box gives you enough for a Warhammer Fantasy table, but the different sized trees provide some variation.

Bob and Fred plag tag through the trees

Here we see Bob the Imperial Fist and Fred the Imperial guardsman giving some idea of scale – these small trees are maybe a bit small for 40k/Fantasy but they work, the big ones are BIG though (there’s two big ones in the back on the same base there – half the height since they’re not totally in shot).

Durability wise – I think they’re not going to shed nearly as much as our current club-made trees (plastic armatures with clumps of… flock? foam? on them), but we’ll have to keep them stored in the plastic trays they came with so they don’t get squished. The separate bases and stands will be nice for gaming since you can just move the trees out of the way if they become an issue.

Overall: 4/5

They look good, they’re reasonably priced ($46 for a box, -20% from Mind Games Canberra due to sales at Wintercon), and they work for gaming. I’m not giving them 5/5 just yet as I’m waiting to see how well they hold up to club gaming, but I have high hopes (although they can’t do much worse than our current lot of trees).

In Progress: Painting Infinity with new GW paints

A start on Infinity

I’ve done some progress on my Infinity minatures in the last week – base colours on my test Alguacile, test yellow on my Morlocks, and the white and a few base colours on my Securitae/Daktari.

I’m using the new GW paints so I don’t have to worry about running out mid-project, so this is sort of a review of the new GW paints as well.

So, here we go on my progress:

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